About FARO

The Forum of Arctic Research Operators was initiated by 24 operators from 11 countries in August 1998, as a forum for logistics and operational support for scientific research in the Arctic.

Annual meetings are held during the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) in close collaboration with other organisations invovled in Arctic ressearch.

FARO has now grown to ˜20 members representing about 40 operators around the world.

FARO internal activities

  • Networking between national operators
  • Exchange of best practices in operations and on environmental concerns
  • Share knowledge on technological developments
  • Facilitate synergies between national operators (and support coordination of logistics and sharing of ressources)

FARO external activities 

  • Link international organisations and national infrastructure operators in the Artic
  • Link international science programmes and projects with relevant national operators
  • Link FARO with other relevant organisations (infrastructure and scientific)