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FARO organizational roles

FARO organizational roles


This document describes the roles and responsibilities of the different organizational elements of FARO.

FARO Chair

-        Leadership and day-to-day oversight of FARO.

-        Chair annual meetings and FARO ExCom teleconferences (incl. preparation of agendas).

-        Develop, lead, and delegate FARO policy matters and actions.

-        Establish, maintain, and implement international cooperation and agreements.

-        Represent FARO at international meetings and conferences.

-        Promote FARO to the wider community.

FARO Executive Committee

-        Participate in FARO ExCom teleconferences (ca. 10 times per year, expected duration 1 hour).

-        Provide information, advice, and support on FARO policy matters and actions (e.g. strategic development, annual meeting organization, FARO initiatives).

-        Assist Chair and Secretariat with leadership on specific topics (e.g. risk management, communications).

-        Lead relevant working groups to help advance FARO initiatives.

-        Represent FARO at international conferences/meetings.

FARO National Points of Contact

-        Represent the country at FARO Annual Meetings.

-        Share relevant information from FARO with national stakeholders.

-        Coordinate national input to FARO annual meeting, website, and social media via network of national operators/stakeholders (e.g. changes and new developments in infrastructure and/or operations, relevant documents and links related to FARO initiatives).

-        Gather and share relevant information from national infrastructure operators/institutions with other FARO member countries through the FARO Secretariat.

-        Participate in relevant FARO initiatives.

-        Coordinate payment of annual membership fee to the FARO Secretariat.

-        Represent FARO at national and international meetings and conferences.

FARO Secretariat

-        Support FARO Chair and Executive Committee (e.g. agendas, minutes, initiatives).

-        Arrange annual meetings, Executive Committee teleconferences and meeting/conference participation.

-        Ad hoc skype meetings with FARO Chair.

-        Manage FARO website and social media.

-        Outreach products.

-        Manage membership, invoice payment, funds and collaborator contacts.

-        Represent FARO at international meetings and conferences.