COVID-19 Resources

FARO collects up-to-date information and links about closures and news regarding Covid-19 in the Arctic. The list will be updated regularly. Please provide us with any missing information by sending an email to:


List of links in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Arctic

Country updates


Air traffic and ship traffic is suspended internally in Greenland as well as to and from Greenland, due to the spread of coronavirus Covid-19. 

Domestic flights open for regular commercial flights from 25 April. International flights not open until 1 June.

For most research stations, the situation is still uncertain and for more information please contact the individual station/infrastructure/Institute.

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Air Greenland:


All people entering Iceland are required to self-quarantine for 14 days from the date of arrival. At the same time, temporary internal border controls will be adopted within the Schengen Area. The will rules remain in effect until 15 May. For more information and updates from Iceland, see


Impact of the COVID19 outbreak on Italian Polar activities will be regularly updated on this link:


The Korean government publishes COVID19 diffusion status and public advice on the website of the 'Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention'.

Please see

Svalbard, Norway

Update regarding the access to Ny-Ålesund, updated 25th of May: 


 The Governor of Svalbard has announced that the entry quarantine for residents of Svalbard, and those with an established work attachment or research assignment to Svalbard has been lifted. This is applicable solely to travellers arriving from the Norwegian mainland.

Persons arriving on the Norwegian mainland from abroad will continue to be subject to current quarantine regulations (10 days quarantine from the date of arrival in Norway) before they will be able to travel to Svalbard.

In the event of any future changes to the quarantine regulations applicable to mainland Norway, an assessment of the implications for Svalbard will be undertaken. You should always check your country’s and the Norwegian regulation on travel during these times with corona restrictions.

The quarantine regulations for Ny-Ålesund are modified in line with these national guidelines. This means that researchers are free to travel from the Norwegian mainland to Ny-Ålesund after the 25th of May. (To be clear, the regulation requiring individuals arriving on the Norwegian mainland from abroad to be subject to a 10-day quarantine, applies.)




NSF’s statement on COVID-19 and Arctic science: