Forum of Arctic Research Operators


Forum of Arctic Research Operators (FARO) is a country membership organization that promotes dialogue on logistics and operational support for scientific research in the Arctic.

FARO facilitates information exchange, establishment of cooperation and development of new ideas among national operators of ships, stations and aircrafts in the Arctic. FARO enables countries to optimize logistics and operational support for scientific research in the Arctic.

FARO is operated by an Executive Committee (ExCom) drawn from its membership with an overall Chair of the organisation. A FARO secretariat supports the organisation.

  • Any country engaged in Arctic research is encouraged to join FARO and participate in its activities.


Photos from left: 'Polar 5' Morten Rasch, Denmark - 'Oden' Thorsten Mauritsen, Sweden - 'Bell 222' Jørgen Skafte, Denmark - 'Royal Arctic Line arriving at Zackenberg' Henrik Spanggård Munch, Denmark. Cover photo: by Morten Rasch (West Greenland).


2020.02.24 | Research news

Workshop during Arctic Science Summit Week

Due to Covid-19 the planned ‘Workshop on International Access to Research Infrastructure in the Arctic’ will be postponed until Arctic Science Summit Week 2021, held in Portugal in March 20-26, 2021.

2018.07.30 | Research news

Switzerland new member of FARO

FARO welcomes Switzerland as a new member state. Switzerland is represented by Danièle Rod from the Swiss Polar Institute (SPI). The Swiss Polar Institute is based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) with the aim to create synergies and offer services to the Swiss polar community.  SPI was…

2018.07.30 | Research news

FARO and IASC sign Memorandum of Understanding

The Forum of Arctic Research Operators (FARO) and the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 17 June 2018 during the Polar2018 Conference held in Davos, Switzerland. The Parties share common goals of working internationally and across disciplines to increase our understanding of…

2018.07.02 | Research

New Chair elected at the FARO Annual Meeting 2018

Jennifer Mercer (US) was elected to a three-year term as chair of the Forum of Arctic Research Operators (FARO) at the FARO Annual Meeting held 18 June at the Polar 2018 Conference. Jennifer is from the US National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs. She manages programs in Arctic research support and logistics and in Arctic…

2018.06.11 | Research news

Celebrating the Arctic and 20 years of FARO

The FARO Annual Meeting 2018 will be held as part of the Arctic Science Summit Week on 18 June 2018, 09.00 AM to 5.00 PM.