About FARO

The Forum of Arctic Research Operators was initiated by 24 operators from 11 countries in August 1998, as a forum for logistics and operational support for scientific research in the Arctic.


The FARO logo is a lighthouse, symbolizing safety of operations, and furthermore, ‘faro’ is the Spanish word for Lighthouse. FARO has developed to become a platform for friendly exchange of information on operation of research vessels, stations and other infrastructure and over the years FARO has inspired many collaborations between member countries/institutions and organizations. Today FARO counts 21 member countries representing about 40 operators around the world. 

Annual meetings are held during the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) in close collaboration with other organisations involved in Arctic research.


FARO Strategy

FARO Strategic Plan 2024-2028 - better arctic science through coordinated international operations.

In this first Strategic Plan, FARO is focused on three facets:

  • Knowledge Sharing,
  • Networking,
  • Facilitating Access.

Enhancing these aspects of our operation will have the largest impact on improving our ability to serve as an international platform for coordinating infrastructure to support science and logistics in the Arctic.

It is our view that this Strategic Plan will enable FARO to continue its facilitation of cooperation on Arctic scientific research, which is vital to understanding our rapidly changing world.
~ FARO Executive Committee

FARO organizational roles

 This document describes the roles and responsibilities of the different organizational elements of FARO.

FARO Chair

  • Leadership and day-to-day oversight of FARO.
  • Chair annual meetings and FARO ExCom teleconferences (incl. preparation of agendas).
  • Develop, lead, and delegate FARO policy matters and actions.
  • Establish, maintain, and implement international cooperation and agreements.
  • Represent FARO at international meetings and conferences.
  • Promote FARO to the wider community.

FARO Executive Committee

  • Participate in FARO ExCom teleconferences (ca. 10 times per year, expected duration 1 hour).
  • Provide information, advice, and support on FARO policy matters and actions (e.g. strategic development, annual meeting organization, FARO initiatives).
  • Assist Chair and Secretariat with leadership on specific topics (e.g. risk management, communications).
  • Lead relevant working groups to help advance FARO initiatives.
  • Represent FARO at international conferences/meetings.

FARO National Points of Contact

  • Represent the country at FARO Annual Meetings.
  • Share relevant information from FARO with national stakeholders.
  • Coordinate national input to FARO annual meeting, website, and social media via network of national operators/stakeholders (e.g. changes and new developments in infrastructure and/or operations, relevant documents and links related to FARO initiatives).
  • Gather and share relevant information from national infrastructure operators/institutions with other FARO member countries through the FARO Secretariat.
  • Participate in relevant FARO initiatives.
  • Coordinate payment of annual membership fee to the FARO Secretariat.
  • Represent FARO at national and international meetings and conferences.

FARO Secretariat

  • Support FARO Chair and Executive Committee (e.g. agendas, minutes, initiatives).
  • Arrange annual meetings, Executive Committee teleconferences and meeting/conference participation.
  • Ad hoc skype meetings with FARO Chair.
  • Manage FARO website and social media.
  • Outreach products.
  • Manage membership, invoice payment, funds and collaborator contacts.
  • Represent FARO at international meetings and conferences.

Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding between FARO and IASC from 2023