Each country interested nominates a national representative (focal point), preferably a major Arctic operator with a national network to other operators.

If needed, each national representative can attend meetings with a maximum of 2-3 observers, but the total number of members of the Forum should not exceed 30.

Benefits of FARO membership

The aim of FARO is to act as a forum for information exchange, establishment of cooperation, and development of new ideas among the national logistics operators in countries with Arctic research activities. Membership is by country with a national representative entity, typically a major Arctic operator with a national network to other operators.


Benefits to Member Countries:

-        Networking and inspirational dialogue with other member countries.

-        Democratic and flat organization with member countries having a high level of influence.

-        Visibility of Arctic infrastructure within a pan-Arctic platform.

-        Promotion of new national Arctic strategies, programs, and campaigns.

-        Platform for developing bi- or multi- lateral infrastructure and science cooperation.

-        Opportunities for national scientists to access infrastructure owned by other nations and/or participate in programs and projects operated by other countries.

-        Influence on platform agenda supporting international cooperation on science and operations through international organizations (e.g. IASC).



o   Participate in FARO annual meetings and provide information to advance FARO initiatives.

o   National presentations at FARO Annual meetings of national infrastructure development, new Arctic strategies and launch of larger campaigns, programs and projects.

o   Use the FARO website and social media to spread news about national infrastructure developments and initiatives of interest to other Arctic operators and the Arctic science community.  

o   Share FARO information with national network of operators and scientists.


Benefits to All National Operators:

Membership benefits extend beyond the primary representative to all operators within a nation. It is the role of the National Points of Contact of FARO to facilitate information exchange between FARO and national operators and the scientific community through:

-        Increasing visibility of Arctic infrastructure within a pan-Arctic platform.

-        Sharing and discussing best practices and new developments in infrastructure operations (e.g. station/facility management, risk management, technology, communications, power production, etc.).

-        Gaining access to a platform that facilitates cooperation on infrastructure between Arctic operator countries.

-        Receiving and providing timely information about new strategies and larger programs or campaigns in other Arctic operator countries.


o   The FARO website provides links to individual infrastructures, including related thematic management documents (e.g. site manuals, risk management documents, etc.).

o   FARO National Points of Contact share new information shared by the FARO Secretariat or received from annual meetings with relevant national operators.


Benefits to the Scientific Community:

Although FARO is not a scientific network, membership also benefits each nation’s scientific community. The FARO website and National Points of Contacts can help connect scientists with relevant infrastructure and operators by:


-        Providing an overview of existing infrastructure and operations in the Arctic available for scientists.

-        Providing links on how to access various infrastructures.

-        Access to examples of risk management for Arctic field work.


o   The FARO website provides information about existing and planned national infrastructure and their operators to help facilitate science community access.  

o   Documents and information are available on the FARO website for relevant topics to aid preparations and safe field work campaigns (e.g. international, national and infrastructure-specific risk management documents).


Benefits to National and Regional Organizations:

Annual meetings provide an opportunity for regional, national and international organizations to present their use of and need for Arctic infrastructures and logistics through:

-        Promotion of national and regional organizations, programs and projects within an international platform and between international organizations.



o   Presentations of organizations, programs and projects at annual meetings.

o   Information sharing and advertising for collaborating operators and scientists.

o   Information that can be shared in operator countries by FARO National Points of Contact.