Annual meeting 2014

The 2014 annual FARO meeting took place in Helsinki, Finland Saturday 5 April 9:00 - 17:30 during the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) 2014.

Meeting agenda

Meeting minutes

Presentations from the meeting

Information from the countries:

Canada (Jim Drummond)

Denmark (Morten Rasch)

Germany (Dirk Mengedoht)

Japan (Hiroyuki Enomoto) see next section

Korea (Hyoung Chul Shin)

Norway (Nalan Koc)

Poland (Piotr Glowacki)

Russia - Sergey Primiakov was not able to attend the meeting but sent the following two presentations ‘AARI’s Arctic activities' and 'Russia in increments is building up the infrastructure for scientific research support in the Arctic'

Sweden (Björn Dahlbäck)

UK (Cynan Ellis-Evans)

USA (Renee Crain)

Other information

Presentation of ‘Third International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP III)’ by Volker Rachold, IASC

Presentation of ‘RV Lance freeze?in’ by Harald Steen, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway 

Presentation of ‘COMNAP’ by Heinz Miller, COMNAP 

Presentation of 'The Ice Diminishing Arctic: Atmospheric, Ice, Ocean and Ecosystem Observations-Pacific Arctic Group and FARO Proposal' by Kathleen Crane, NOAA, USA

Presentation of ‘INTERACT II’ by Morten Rasch, Aarhus University, Denmark

Presentation of ‘The Japanese Arctic program and ASSW 2015’ by Hiroyuki Enomoto, National Institute of Polar Research, Japan

Presentation of 'An Integrated Earth Observing System for Svalbard by Cynan Ellis?Evans, SIOS Steering Board

Presentation of 'ARICE’ and ‘EUROFLEETS 2’ by Nicole Biebow, AWI, Germany

Presentation of ‘The Pacific Arctic Group 2014 Updates’ by Jackie Grebmeier, PAG

Presentation of ‘MOSAiC’ by Heinz Miller, AWI, Germany

Presentation of 'Arctic Circle' by Cynan Ellis?Evans, NERC, UK 

Pacific Arctic Group/Distributed Biological Observatory 2014 cruise plan